It’s actually depressing how bored I am with my life right this moment. I’m tired. I’m tired of people. I’m tired of feeling.

It doesn’t make any sense really. Two months ago I was so happy. So content. So outgoing and bubbly and just fun. I loved people. I loved going out. I loved having a good time. Now I just want to avoid everyone and stay home. Which isn’t really true…. It makes me lonely to stay in and be alone. But I’m just as lonely going out. Even with Leslie the other night… I just wasn’t any fun at all.

I’m so tired. I want my life to quit being so boring. But I don’t want to do anything about it. I’m too exhausted.

Let me just sleep. Let me just quit feeling. Give me some time.

(Perfect timing for the line:: Wake me up when September ends)

I’m over it.